Telecommunications Act

Section 225 and Section 251 (1)(2) of the Communication Act of 1934 was amended by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This act deals with protential problems with people with disabilities' accessibility to telecommunicaion equipments. To be more specific, this law ensures that people with disabilities have full acess to a broad range of telecommuncation products and services such as cell-phone and household phones. Phones are now part of our daily life. We cannot live without using phones to communicate with each other and get in contact with people when needed. This law makes sure that peolpe with disabilities enjoy the same level of convinence that people without disabilities enjoy in terms of telecommunication development. People with disabilities have the right to enjoy the advance of modern technology like everyone else. 

This image displays the signing in real time on the Internet.

Here is a picture that displayed the signing in real time on the Internet. President Cliton delivers an address on the Telecom Act of 1996 as Vice President Gore watches. 

The reason why President Cliton signed this Act is due to the increase in the percentage of Household in U.S. with telephones. As we can see from the graph, there was nearly a 20% increase in the percentage of Households in U.S. with telephones. This increase means that more people with abilities will enjoy this service. However, it is government's job to ensure that people with disabilities can actually the service. That is why they ameneded the old Communication Act to make sure that telecommunication service can be enjoyed by every citizen equally.

Percentage of Households in US with telephones from 1983-1995

The first website I found is Federal Communication Commission. This website has more detailed information regarding the Telecommunications Act. This website can give me a more comprehensive view of the Telcommunications Act.

The second website I found is an article from NYU. This article discussed the Telecommunications Act and its impact. The acticle used many statistic evidence to demonstrate the importance of the Act. I believe this website can offer us different ways we interpret the law in general.

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