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Introduces theory and research on communication in health and illness contexts. Explores how messages from media, interpersonal, and organizational sources affect health beliefs and behaviors.

Nature and extent of crime; past and present theories of crime causation; criminal behavior in the United States and abroad, and its relation to personal, structural and cultural conditions; the nature of the criminal justice system and the influences of the exercise of discretion among actors in the criminal justice system. Prerequisite: SOC 100 or equivalent.
Category: Summer 2014
Introduction to community interpreting and its main theoretical concepts, including what is interpreting, interpreting as process, and what is community interpreting. The major areas of community interpreting will be introduced including interpreting in the medical and legal contexts. The interpreter code of ethics and ethical dilemmas of the interpreter will be introduced and analyzed. Prerequisite: Admission to the Masters in Translation and Interpretation.
Category: Spring 2014