This section is to provide a space where you can further think about the concepts presented in lecture, the course readings, and video clips.  The course will critically examine the relationship between school and society as well as link key concepts to contemporary issues within education that are inextricably connected to individual and collective identities (i.e. race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, citizenship, religion, and nation).  The class will pay particular attention to the larger systems of privilege that have and continue to influence educational policy and rhetoric.  The course considers some of the challenges of: formulating and justifying the aims and policies in American education, organizing the social context of the public school system; designing and systemizing the curriculum; and organizing the teaching and learning processes. Significant thinkers, perspectives, events and ideas will be examined to develop a historical, social, and political understanding of American education. We will do a lot of reading so please be prepared it will be very enjoyable.