In this course we will explore the role of art, creativity, and imagination to extend and deepen our understanding of (educational) inequality, identity, power, individuality, and collective action. We will learn how to think more critically about the ways art engages the senses and informs the social and educational. Contemporary art, created primarily by artists and artist-scholars of color and underrepresented groups will guide our critical examination of course themes. Our studied conversations about art, creativity, and imagination will run parallel to conversations about doing art-based scholarship in the academy. In this course there will be a particular emphasis on the disciplinary gaze of Education and arts based research. However, we will also examine various academic genealogies and interdisciplinary formations that blur academic boundaries between arts and science on purpose and with great thought and intention.

This course will require you to read, learn, know, and critique theory and learn, know, critique, and make art. This course will also require you to read, learn, know, and critique art, and learn, know, critique, and do academic argumentation and writing. All students (those who identify and dis-identify with the label “artist”) will be expected to not only engage the creative, but also share their work with classmates.