Honors Symposium in Education

Welcome to the spring semester of
 EPSY 200.  We will gather on Saturday (2-13-16) at 10:00 AM in 210A EDUCATION to begin our semester-long dialogue.  Other Saturday sessions will occur on March 12th, April 9th, and May 14th.  Attendance at TWO sessions is require, but come to them all if you can, especially for the conversations and coffee.

I want to use this semester to reflect on the writings of Michael Pressley.  I have attached a PDF for you to peruse before Saturday.  The "required" reading includes (1) the section entitled "
Mechanisms for stimulating socially responsible think..." on pages 282 to  285 and (2) the section entitled "Concluding comments" on pages 291 to 293.

Please allow me a few days to establish our Moodle website for posting “talk” reflections.  The site will add worthy scholarship interactions in which you might wish to participate.
The following text is a brief description of the course’s basic information:
The purpose of this course is to consider a broad range of the contemporary issues of teaching and learning in the field of education.  On our campus, presentations are held frequently to consider the impacts of research findings on many disciplines.  A fair number of these talks are relevant and related to issues in education.
EPSY 200 is designed to take advantage of these scholarly presentations and their respective research agendas.  During the semester, students will attend THREE self-selected scholarly presentations offered by outstanding visiting and resident professors.  Students will be asked 1) to read research articles authored by those professors presenting, and 2) to write reflective summaries of the attended presentations.
The course reflection assignments are managed by a course Website: https://learn.illinois.edu/ 
All students enrolled in the course are provided access to this facility.  I will manage the course announcements and the Moodle site this semester.
Four Saturday seminars will be held to share ideas and reactions to current issues in the field of Education.  These meetings will begin at 10:00 AM in 210 A EDUCATION.  Attendance is required for at least 2. 
Course grading is based on participation.
Instructor:                     David Zola
       Office:                       188A Education Building
       Phone:                       333-1354
       E-mail                       dzola@ilinois.edu
       Office hours:            as posted on office door
    or by appointment
Meetings:                        210A EDUCATION
                                         Designated Saturdays
from 10:00 to 1:00 
No Required Text:  Readings as assigned (all will be PDF's of Pressley's writings).