Students will develop an understanding of general middle school instructional theory and practices, with a focus on teaching in their content area(s) of concentration. Emphasis is on middle school instruction based on the current standards of the National Middle School Association.
Examines the organization, scope, and sequence of the mathematics program and the functional nature of mathematics; methods, techniques, experiences, and materials of value in teaching mathematics, and the role of the classroom teacher. Includes laboratory experience, with supervised problem solving. Credit is not given for both CI 430 and CI 431. Prerequisite: MATH 103; admission to the Special Education Program.
Explores cultural, political, and social factors that affect learning and teaching. Introduces students to the fields of educational anthropology and multicultural education and to the application of cultural information to curriculum development and classroom practice. The 3-hour undergraduate version and 4-hour graduate version meet the Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited-English-Proficient Students requirement for Bilingual and/or ESL Teaching Approval or Endorsement from the Illinois State Board of Education. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours.
Diagnostic procedures and individual instruction with small groups of children who have reading difficulties. Prerequisite: CI 575 and CI 576.