AIS 265: Intro to American Indian Literature: introduces students to the study of Native American and Indigenous literatures. In this course we will read selected material from Canada, United States, Mexico, and Guatemala and engage in a hemispheric approach to the study of contemporary autobiographies, essays, poetry, short stories and visual narratives. The selected reading materials are a small sample of the vast amounts of literatures Native American and Indigenous peoples are producing all over the Americas. These literary works reveal histories of discrimination, marginalization, abuse, trauma and the ways Native American and Indigenous peoples continue to rise above these experiences, move beyond these spaces of oppression, and in the process restore their sense of self and community. These literary works shape the histories of Indigenous peoples in the Americas and create the foundation for the course particularly as they challenge narratives of knowledge production and official history. Some of the concepts that emerge from the literature and will be part of the ongoing discussions in class include: language, land relations, sovereignty, autonomy and self-representation. This course is cross listed with English 265 and satisfies the UIUC General Education Criteria for US Minority Culture(s) and Literature and the Arts.