ANTH 103: Anthro in a Changing World (Kang, Y)

Topics in Anthropology: Environmental Anthropology

ANTH499 The Anthropology of Policing

Police are a foundation of modern government, and have been since it began. The enduring stability of this institution contains considerable diversity and dynamism, however. Police power is always attuned to the context of its operations, and these contextual dynamics vary dramatically over time and space. This class explores how police powers are manifest in the context of our university community. We will focus on the University’s Police Department, exploring how this institution operates, and how its operations fit into the larger and more abstract “division of social control labor” that produces the order we experience as members of the university community. The class is organized as a practicum in ethnographic methods. Each student will undertake an individual ethnographic project to describe the “policed order” of some facet of university life. These individual projects will provide a concrete basis on which we will engage collectively in theoretical reflection and critical conversation about the ways in which police powers structure human social life

ANTH499 Police Science and Administrative Technology in China

This eight-week class is an introduction to the policing system in contemporary China. It provides an overview of the development and operation of legal and bureaucratic institutions in the People’s Republic of China, contextualized in social, cultural and historical perspective. The class will be co-taught as a collaboration between a professor of anthropology from UIUC and a professor of criminal law from a Chinese university. Course topics include: The development and reform of China’s policing system; policing and alternative dispute resolution in Chinese cultural context; the development of policing in rural China; policing and the tensions of China’s urban transformation. Open to graduate and undergraduate students. This class can be taken on its own, or in conjunction with ANTH499 “The Anthropology of Policing.”