Participants will:

  • Identify some facilitator strategies for building community and fostering participation in our online courses. .
  • Examine the viability and pros and cons of peer feedback and assessment.
  • Learn how to effectively set up asynchronous forums.
  • Explore the degree to which we might want to incorporate constructivist learning into our own classes.
  • Identify benefits and challenges of collaborative learning.
  • Identify some strategies for helping students communicate effectively through team processes.
  • Experience first hand a two-way audio, two-way text based instructional chat.

This course will provide you with the ability to apply instructional design principles to the development of an online course. You will become familiar with instructional design concepts and relate these concepts to professional tasks. The course is student-centered; as such it is highly interactive and collaborative in nature.

Quality Assurance and Accountability with Online Programs

There are two major projects in this class. 

You will lead a facilitation of your peers, using tones and voices to guide the discussion.

You will develop an Instruction Design Project using the IDP rubric. You will share with your peers and give and receive suggestions. You will revise based on feedback and present at the end of the class. 

This instructor-led, eight-week, fully-online course explores some of the technology tools used to build and deliver online courses. The main emphasis of this course will be to introduce students to issues concerning the use of technology and the many tools that are available. The economical, technological, and pedagogical pros and cons of each technology will be discussed. Participants will learn how to choose what technologies to integrate into their online course based on sound pedagogical decisions.

This course is for ION Instructors to discuss issues related to teaching in the ION Program and to share strategies and best practices.

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