Examination of the development of American higher education, including the evolution of its forms, purposes, practices, leadership, and constituents.
Explores critical topics and issues related to diversity in higher education, including race/ethnicity, class, and gender. Covers current research that explores diversity in higher education, institutional diversity policies and organizational behaviors, campus constituents, and the role of external groups. The course consists of reading, in-class discussion, group exercise, and completing a research project that is of interest to the student.
Intended primarily for doctoral students in higher education, this course will enable students to analyze contemporary public policy issues confronting American higher education. Selected policy issues will be probed in depth, drawing upon scholarly sources and public reports. Students will comprehend the interaction and tension among higher education leaders, and local, state, and federal policymakers. Prerequisite: EOL 571 or consent of instructor.
Provides students with an understanding of theories and research involving the cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal development of college students. Special attention is paid to the application of student development research in educational settings and the intentional creation of educational environments along developmental principles. Prerequisite: EOL 572 or consent of instructor.